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Safety Services

Our expertise allows us to undertake supplying and maintaining of all types of firefighting and protection equipment within the specialized offshore and onshore categories as well as the range of services required for residential, commercial and industrial premises. These services type can be categorized as follows:


We Design

We Certify

We Testify

We Install

We Fix

We Service

We Maintain


Fire alarm system (addressable and conventional)

Heat and smoke detection system

Clean agent system (FM 200, CO2 and Nitrogen)

Sprinkler System

Fire pump set (electrical and diesel)

Fire Hydrant system

Wet and dry riser protection system

Emergency lighting system

Spray painting and fire retardants coatings

Chemical suppression system

Foam suppression system

Water spray system 


Red Sea Safety Equipment Establishment,
Store#03, Plot #23,
Behind Golden Tulip Medical Center,
Mussafah – 17,
PO Box25564
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Phone: +971 2 4466363
Fax: +971 2 4466639