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Corporate Overview

Red Sea Safety Equipment Establishment is a specialist in designs, installations, servicing and system certifications of the client’s firefighting, fire protection system and safety equipment. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Red Sea now serves Client’s businesses
from two (2) offices, in the City of Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Our qualified and trained Engineers are certified to work on offshore and onshore installations. The establishment has a superior customer service and technical expertise that meets and exceeds the requirement of customers. Red Sea Safety Est. is providing a fire fighting, fire protection equipment servicing and certification as per UAE Civil Defense Regulations and International Standards for Residential, Commercial and Industrial premises. The Establishment’s workshop is equipped with the most up to date plant to undertake inspection, testing, refilling and refurbishment of all types and makes portable fixed systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is Red Sea Safety Est., the leading provider and specialist in firefighting, fire protection and safety equipment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services such as design, installation, maintenance and system’s certification of firefighting, fire protection and safety equipment for all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings as per the UAE Civil Defense and international standard requirements.

Our commitment

Red Sea Safety Equipment Est. considers health, safety and protection of the environment to be the integral parts of the business. Commitment to provide a healthy environment for all Personnel who work in the offices and its operations. It is one of a few approved and certified establishment by UAE Civil Defense and a member of National Fire Protection Association. The listing in First Point Assessment provides assurance to all customers that the services and products are of the highest quality.

Our core values

Integrity - We conduct our business following high ethical standards and nurture relationships with our internal and external clients on basis of trust and honesty.

Leadership - We encourage our people to innovate and learn to, simply lead.

Empowerment - We empower our people to make decisions .

Innovation - We use state of the art technology an d manpower to think and do things better & differently.


Red Sea Safety Equipment Establishment,
Store#03, Plot #23,
Behind Golden Tulip Medical Center,
Mussafah – 17,
PO Box25564
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Phone: +971 2 4466363
Fax: +971 2 4466639